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CIPRB – a Centre for Injury Prevention, Health Development and Research

CIPRB is a legal NGO in Bangladesh, registered with Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau and Society act XXI of 1860. It was founded in 2005 in order to combat and prevent mortality and morbidity caused by injury and promote quality of life. The origin of CIPRB can be traced back to the ground breaking, nation-wide community based inquiry called the Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS) in 2005. The BHIS revealed that as traditional causes of child deaths – communicable and non-communicable diseases – has declined; the issue of child injury has emerged as a major health and severely under-recognized issue. However it is evident from developed countries that injuries can be prevented through proper interventions and awareness. Since inception the Centre has been engaged with innovations and good practices in the area of health and development. Research, training and program implantation are the major areas of interest of this organization.