Who we are

Since its inception in 2005 CIPRB has been engaged in innovations and good practices in the area of health and development. The origin of CIPRB can be traced back to the ground breaking, nationwide community based inquiry called the Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey 2005. The survey revealed that as traditional causes of child deaths communicable and non-communicable disease has declined: the issue of child injury has emerged as a major health and severely under-recognised issue. The CIPRB is the only centre in the developing world which is exclusively researching intervention measures to prevent injuries in Bangladesh and in countries with similar health and safety issues.
The CIPRB has now expanded its research and programmes to ensure better health and wellbeing for the most vulnerable – mothers and children.


That the community, especially the underprivileged in Bangladesh and other developing countries are able to lead healthy and injury free lives in a safe environment.


Our mission is to provide appropriate information, methods, technologies and services for ensuring safety, improving health and promoting social development in Bangladesh and other developing countries.


We believe

  • research is the gateway for improving health and social development, particularly in under resourced settings
  • underprivileged groups need special attention to improve their quality of life
  • in a skilled workforce being the key for the effective implementation of our mission
  • in respecting gender equity, cultural diversity, and high ethical standard in our work
  • our work can have national, regional and international influence.
  • in transparency in all aspects of our work


Our strategies in achieving the mission include

  • conducting research to generate evidence
  • developing a skilled workforce
  • providing quality services to the community
  • educating  people through advocacy and communication and
  • engaging communities through networking and collaboration.