About us

In 2005 a group of experienced public health researchers conducted Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS) 2005, which was the largest community based injury survey in low and middle income countries. Through that survey the researchers identified, injuries are the major cause of mortality and morbidity. The magnitude of injury explored there after steered the researchers towards ideation and development of an institutional response, leading to the birth of CIPRB on 6th February 2005.

The organization designed and implemented the largest community trial on child injury prevention named PRECISE – Prevention of Child Injuries through Social Intervention and Education.

Over time the organization has articulated its insights and has expanded scope of research programme to ensure better health and wellbeing for the people of Bangladesh and beyond.

Currently, the organization has engaged approximately 7000 professionals, researchers, field workers and paid volunteers working in different parts of the country.

CIPRB designs interventions, implement programmes, in a small scale and supports to develop national strategy and advocates for national level scale up. The organization has been intervening into a number of public health issues and got specialization both globally and locally in the areas of injury prevention which includes drowning prevention, non-communicable disease prevention, reproductive & child health, health system research and neglected tropical diseases especially filariasis elimination.

CIPRB’s innovations achieved global recognition in the field of public health such as “Anchal”, SwimSafe” has been incorporated in the global report on drowning.

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