Mission & Vision


That the community, especially the underprivileged in Bangladesh and other developing countries are able to lead healthy and injury free lives in a safe environment.


Our mission is to provide appropriate information, methods, technologies and services for ensuring safety, improving health and promoting social development in Bangladesh and other developing countries.


We believe

  • research is the gateway for improving health and social development, particularly in under resourced settings
  • underprivileged groups need special attention to improve their quality of life
  • in a skilled workforce being the key for the effective implementation of our mission
  • in respecting gender equity, cultural diversity, and high ethical standard in our work
  • our work can have national, regional and international influence.
  • in transparency in all aspects of our work


Our strategies in achieving the mission include

  • conducting research to generate evidence
  • developing a skilled workforce
  • providing quality services to the community
  • educating  people through advocacy and communication and
  • engaging communities through networking and collaboration.