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Swimming competition in village, union and urban level in 2014

Swimming competitionTo raise awareness among the community people about the importance of swimming learning, swimming competitions were arranged in each swimming centres. Usually after achieving the target CIPRB organize the competition.  Community people, members of the local government stakeholders, children were invited to participate in this competition. Children received training under SwimSafe program was invited to participate in the competition. From each swimming centre, 4 groups of children (one boy and one girl from the 5 to 7 year group and one boy and one girl from the 8 to 10 year age group) were formed. The competition was arranged separately for both boys and girls.

Champions from the village level compete at the union level and champions from the union level compete in the final round at the Upazilla level competition. From each group, the champion, first and second runner ups were presented with awards and crests. In 2014 CIPRB arranged 183 villages and 24 unions and 3 Urbans level swimming competition in CIPRB areas. Total 24,058 community people including children were attended in this completion. This swimming competition encouraged graduates of the SwimSafe programme to continue practicing their swimming skills and encouraged other children to join the SwimSafe programme. The local community also provided necessary supports for organizing the programme.

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