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Road safety collaboration meeting

To make collaboration with neighboring countries on road safety a meeting held at the CIPRB, Conference room on 31 January 2016 between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Prof. Dr. AKM Fazlur Rahman, Executive Director, CIPRB welcomed and thanked everyone for their presence in the meeting. Professor Dr. Kh. Abdul Awal Rizvi, Ex- Director, NITOR presided the “Road Safety Management in neighboring countries: possible collaboration between Bangladesh and Myanmar” meeting.


Prof. Dr. Mazharul Hoque, Prof. & Dean Department of Civil Engineering (BUET) presented paper on “Road Safety Bangladesh”. He highlighted current status and the way forward in road safety perspective in Bangladesh, striking characteristics of crash problems, discussed some recent advances in road safety initiatives and proposed country requirements and expectation.

Prof. Hoque emphasized on exchanging data, idea sharing and possible networking between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Professor Thit Lwin, Chairman, Myanmar Organization of Road Safety presented on “Road Safety in Myanmar”. He highlighted major contributing factor of traffic crashes, analyzed crashes by type of collisions, discussed technical and capacity strengthening situation of Myanmar, multi sectorial approach in solving problems. He expressed that trauma management and training facilities for the practitioners are very much needed for these days.

After presentations Prof. Rizvi invited all participants in the open discussions. He emphasized on structure driver training system and video show which will motivate drivers to drive safely.  Engineer Mohiuzzaman Quazi, Ex. Transport Specialist, World Bank agreed to drivers training a priority. He also added that performance evaluations of drivers are must to improve old driver performances.

Mr. Ilias Kanchan, Chairman, Nirapad Sarak Chai, told that owner and driver association are more powerful to resist the government to implement good decisions regarding safety. He also informed that they have 2/3 days training and motivation program for drivers. He informed that they have already proposed government to set large TV screen in bus terminal, where motivational video will be telecasted continuously which will help the driver to be safe road user.

Md. Hasan Reza,Vice President Society for Road Safety professionals told that motorcycle crash pattern in Myanmar can be a potential warning for Bangladesh for this upcoming hazards in future. Point system can be added to asses Bangladeshi Driver which proved fruitful in abroad he mentioned.

Prof. Lwin told that recent crash pattern has changed; this is now not only an issue of Driver/User fault, but also an issue of drunk driving, over speeding. The achievement of UN decade target is not satisfactory in low and middle income countries. Both parties will work together in future in these issues.

Prof. Hoque, expressed that “It’s high time to explore future collaboration, both party can work together to find out best intervention to mitigate these issues and potential funding source.

Prof. Rizvi thanked CIPRB and Myanmar team for arranging this meeting and also thanked all distinguished guests including Prof. Hoque and Mr. Ilias Khanchon. He said, Road Safety Issue is ever ending campaign, where progress is not satisfactory yet. We should work together to make the government understand about the importance to follow up this issue regularly.

CIPRB and Myanmar Organization of Road Safety agreed to work closely for future collaboration and research.

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