Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injury in Bangladesh and one of the major causes of permanent disability in children in Bangladesh. The incident can damage a person for life if proper treatment is not given.
Falls in Bangladesh
•   770 children are injured in Bangladesh every day due to falls
•    Falls kill over 1,700 children every year, or around 5 a day
•   10 children are disabled every day due to falls
•    The major categories of falls are from trees, cliffs, buildings, through windows or from roofs, furniture and jumping or diving into water
•     Infants have the highest rates of fatal falls, most likely due to their soft skulls
•    Non-fatal falls are common acros all age groups, with males at a significantly higher rate
•    The highest proportion of falls (44%) happened
Common causes of falls
•  The roads in rural areas become slippery when wet and cause fall incidences in both children and adults
•  The concrete slabs around tube-wells also become slippery when wet and can cause serious injuries
•  Children fall from their beds or cots, or slip from the lap of another child. Young children also fall when they learn how to walk

Suggested preventative measures
•  All members of the family should remain careful, as children do not understand the risk of injury due to falls
•  Parents must advise their children not to climb high trees and to avoid slippery surfaces
•  Guardians must ensure children are holding onrickshaws when travelling to avoid a fall
•  Parents must not ask children to climb trees to collect firewood or pluck fruits
•  Ensure children’s shoes are not slippery
•  Ensure the roofs of houses have protective railings
•  Government can play a strong role in reducing the risk of injury from falls by maintaining road and utilizing media to raise    awareness of fall risks

Source: Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey, 2005