“Prevalence of stroke in the rural community of Bangladesh”



“Prevalence of stroke in the rural community of Bangladesh” study has completed in CIPRB’s Raiganj field from 10th March-20th April 2016 supported by National Institute of Neuro Science (NINS).

Stroke is a major cause of disability in the elderly and now it is also affecting the young generations. In Bangladesh 15 people per 1000 is affected by the Stroke.

From NINS, Associate professor, Dr. Uttam Kumar Saha, Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam and from CIPRB, Director of the injury and public Health, Dr. Saidur Rahman Mashreky, Research officer Dr. Muhammad Tareque Hasan and the project Coordinator, Dr. Gazi Iktiar Ahmed were present in the stroke survey training held on 8th March 2016 in the Raigonj field site.

On the basis of the data collection three stroke treatment camps were organized by CIPRB on 5th April, 26th and 10th May 2016 where National Professor Din Muhammad, Associate Professor Uttam Kumar Saha, Associate Professor Bodrul Alam, Assistant Professor Gurudas Mondol were present. More than 600 patients got free treatment during the camping.