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Poster presentation on Social Autopsy

Animesh UHC_02Dr Animesh Biswas, Senior Scientist of CIPRB presented poster presentation on “Social Autopsy:  A social intervention to explore social barrier and errors behind maternal deaths due to pre-eclampsia/ eclampsia and haemorrhage in rural Bangladesh”  in the international conference on universal health organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 9-11 April 2015.

Dr Lianne Kuppens, Chief of health section visited the poster session and mentioned about tis importance in the community in reduction of maternal death of Bangladesh. Dr Kuppens also mentioned social autopsy is an innovation intervention and effective which is conducting in 10 districts of Bangladesh at present under a partnership of UNCIEF- CIPRB. Prof. Dr Fazlur Rahman, Executive director of CIPRB was also joined during the visit of Dr Kuppens.

Dr Animesh has explored in the study that Social errors which triggered maternal deaths due to complications were identified by villagers. These included; delivery by poorly trained birth attendants, delays in decision making and transfer of patients to appropriate health centers, lack of knowledge and holding on to traditional health myths and beliefs.

In conclusion, they study reveals that Social autopsy is a useful method to identify social errors and barriers within the community by discussing the factors that took place during a maternal death. The process supports villagers to think and change their behavioural patterns and commit towards preventing such deaths in the future. The innovative approach can be used further in greater extent to reduce maternal and newborn death in future to achieve Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) by 2015 and post MDGs.

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