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Orientation Meeting on MPDR and TOT on death notification and verbal autopsy







Orientation Meeting on MPDR and TOT on death notification and verbal autopsy among Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer and Upazila Family Planning Officer of Kompaniganj, Hatia and Senbag Upazila was conducted on 8th and 9th December 2015 at Save The Children local office, Noakhali and Civil Surgeon Office, Noakhali respectively. Prof. MA Halim, Director, Reproductive and Child Health Unit, CIPRB present as the focal person of MPDR. He describes the background, objectives and framework of MPDR with presentation. He also solves all the queries among the participants about the activities of MPDR at community and facility level.

Dr. Moniruzzaman, Manager – Quality Assurance & Capacity Building, Save The Children, Noakhali; Field Research Officer, MPDR project, CIPRB, Dhaka and Technical officers of partner NGOs, Noakhali, also participated.

“We are now confident on notification and autopsy of death from community through MPDR- Upazila Family Planning Officer, Begumganj mentioned during orientation meeting of MPDR in Noakhali

The entire TOT was conducted by Abu Sayeed Md. Abdullah, Field Research Officer, CIPRB where he mentioned the objectives of the TOT on death notification and verbal autopsy; case definition of all deaths; process, time duration, date and time calculation and steps of death notification and community networking was mentioned. A MOC test was conducted among the participants after the training where the common mistakes were identified.

“We are now confident on community death notification and autopsy through MPDR. Technical assistance from CIPRB is excellent. In Begumganj neonatal death is highly reported within Noakhali but entire information is recorded here. It is possible to identify the social causes behind death during verbal autopsy of MPDR.” Md. Mostafizur Rahman, UFPO, Begumganj said during his experience sharing.

At the beginning of TOT Dr. Md. Delware Hossain, Civil Surgeon, Noakhali mentioned “There were many under reported deaths in Begomgonj but through MPDR all the deaths are reported from community. There was fear of penalty for death notification. We need the exact scenario of death at community to take local action plan. That’s why MPDR is essential to identify all deaths and find out the causes of deaths through verbal and social autopsy.”


The process of taking consent, process of interview, responsibility of interviewer, probing, skip instruction and logistics management was described during TOT on verbal autopsy. Then the verbal autopsy forms of maternal death, neonatal death and still birth was described before the participants. A MOC test on verbal autopsy of maternal death was conducted among the participants from where all the probes and cones of this form are clear to all. All the participants express their confident in conducting the death notification and verbal autopsy training at their respective upazila. Dr. Mamun Mohiuddin Bhuiyan, Manager – Quality Assurance & Capacity Building, Save the Children, Dhaka, actively participates in the TOT.



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