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Swimming to be made mandatory for school children

Siddiqur Rahman Khan To reduce the number of deaths from drowning, the government has decided to make swimming mandatory for all schoolchildren, as is the practice in different developed countries, including the UK and Australia. According to a recent report of the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the Alliance for Safe Children (Tasc) the cause of death in ... MORE

Swimming competition in village, union and urban level in 2014

To raise awareness among the community people about the importance of swimming learning, swimming competitions were arranged in each swimming centres. Usually after achieving the target CIPRB organize the competition.  Community people, members of the local government stakeholders, children were invited to participate in this competition. Children received ... MORE

UNFPA Head Quarter Documentation Team observed a Verbal Autopsy of a Neonatal Death

On 29th November 2014, Mr. Luc Forsyth and Mr. Axelrod Nicolas Paul, Consultants, UNFPA Head Quarter Documentation Team observed a Verbal Autopsy of a neonatal death in Moheshali Village, Jamalpur Union, Thakurgaon ... MORE

DATA Analysis Workshop

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) organized a data analysis workshop in Hotel Bengal Inn, Dhaka from 22nd to 25th November 2014 with CIPRB and icddr,b. The aims of the workshop were generate a common approach to disseminate the SoLiD baseline findings and also to equip young researchers with the skills of analyzing, interpreting data and writing scientific ... MORE

Bangladesh Anchal and SwimSafe (BASS) project visit

Dr. Steve Beerman, Principal Investigator of Bangladesh Anchal and SwimSafe (BASS) Project, The University of British Columbia and Dr. Michael Linnan, Technical Director, The Alliance for Safe Children (TASC) visited CIPRB from 28 September to 30 September 2014. Prof. Dr. AKM Fazlur Rahman, Executive Director, CIPRB, Dr. Aminur Rahman, Director, International Drowning Research Centre-Bangladesh (IDRC-B), employees of BASS project and other ... MORE

Chief, Health Section, UNICEF observed a Verbal Autopsy in Sreemongal

On 21st October, 2014 Dr. Lianne Kuppens, Chief of Health Section, UNICEF observed a Verbal autopsy of a Maternal Death in Hussnabad Tea Garden catchment area of Ashidron Union, Sreemongal. During the autopsy conducted by the Health Inspector, the deceased family mentioned that the deceased mother had spontaneous delivery at home and developed retained placenta. After ... MORE