Maternal and perinatal Death review (MPDR) intervention observed by the Health Minister at Sirajganj District


On 30 December 2014, Mohammed Nasim MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare observed MPDR activities and status of maternal and newborn health in Sirajganj in a stall of Health Fair organized by UNICEF, Bangladesh and partner NGO, Naripakko in Sirajganj District Hospital premises. Dr Animesh Biswas, Senior Scientist of CIPRB briefed the Health Minister about MPDR activities. The Minister expressed his satisfaction and  pleased with the recent progress on reducing maternal and newborn deaths though a joint GoB-UN MNH initiative with a partnership with the research organization, CIPRB. The stall was well decorated with Social Autopsy BCC festoons, Facility Death Review ASP festoons, death notification spot map of the district and local action plan have taken using MPDR findings.