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Khulna and Dinajpur Medical College are now confident to assign causes of community maternal and neonatal deaths

Two technical workshops have been conducted in Dinajpur and Khulna Medical College & Hospitals recently on Maternal and Perinatal Death Review (MPDR). The aim of the workshops was to develop capacity of medical college professionals from Gynae/Obs. and pediatrics dept. including public health specialist to provide support in the districts to assign causes of community maternal and neonatal deaths.

Untitled-2 copy“It’s a new learning to us, we know that mothers are dying at rural villages, we need to know clearly what’s really happening in the community. Identifying medical and social causes shall help the district managers to take appropriate plan” Director, Dinajpur Medical College Hospital stated during the workshop.

As a part of sustainability of MPDR throughout the country, government has taken initiatives from DGHS though MPDR intervention to develop a resource hub at the periphery medical colleges, so that the professional expertise from the peripheries could provide technical input to the adjacent districts to assign causes of maternal and neonatal deaths. This has been first time piloted in Mymensingh medical College Hospital and following the lesson learnt, on 29 June similar capacity development was organized at Dinajpur Medical College Hospital. 15 doctors including professors, associate professors, consultants and junior doctors participated in one day workshop. Similarly, on 8th July, Khulna medical college hospital also trained on MPDR.

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“It should come earlier, I heard many times about verbal autopsy, it never show up. It’s our great opportunity to identify the causes of deaths of mother. Thanks to government for such initiatives” Head of the dept. Gynae/Obs. Of Khulna Medical College & Hospital Stated.

Two separate team has developed in both medical colleges to assign the causes of death. Prof. MA Halim, Director of RCH unit and Dr Animesh Biswas, Senior Scientist of CIPRB facilitated the group sessions. It has been already presented positive approach and interest from the experts’ professionals who are willingly wanted to engage in the process for the survival of mother and newborn in the country.



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