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CIPRB recently has started Highway intervention Program


After long waiting period and preparatory phase, CIPRB recently has started Highway intervention Program in Nilkuthi, Namapara and kunderpara of Narsingdi District in N2 highway.Together with the Dutch non-profit Safe Crossings, CIPRB is working on improving road safety situation in Bangladesh.

This intervention will ensure better road safety and capacity of the highway in the pilot area. Our specific focus is on small-scale infrastructural adaptations for traffic calming that is low-cost and can be implemented and evaluated locally relatively quickly in a local setting.

The first activities will focus on construction of the bus bay, followed by installation of the speed humps, pedestrian crossing and placing the signs and markings.

This pilot project also includes Education and training program (ACE) which will ensure better road user of the intervention area. Combination of Engineering and Education Activities makes the program unique one.

An extensive research program has been set up to measure the impact of the interventions. The expectation is a reduction in accidents by at least 50%. After this pilot, we aim is to roll out the program on a large scale in countrywide to make safer Bangladesh from road crash


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