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CIPRB attended WCDP 2015

The purpose of World Conference on Drowning Prevention (WCDP) was to bring the world’s foremost experts, research, systems and information on drowning prevention, rescue, lifesaving and water safety together for exchange debate on further development that will lead to reduction of death and injury in all aquatic environments worldwide.

This year WCDP was held in Penang, Malaysia during 4th – 6th November 2015 with the theme “Building a global platform to reduce drowning.” Around 500 delegates from total 60 countries attended the conference.


Eight members from CIPRB attended the conference. Prof. Dr. AKM Fazlur Rahman, Executive Director; Dr. Aminur Rahman, Technical Director; Dr. Kamran ul Baset, Team Leader (SoLiD); Dr. Jahangir Hossain, Team Leader (SwimSafe); Abu Talab, Senior Statistician; Dr. Al Amin Bhuiyan, Deputy Team Leader (SoLiD); Ms. Mahruba Khanam,Project Coordinator (BASS); and Ms. Asma ul Hosna, Training Coordinator (SoLiD) presented ten papers in the conference.


Dr. Aminur Rahman participated in the opening plenary and closing symposium session. He discussed and answered other participants’ questions on drowning prevention.

A great achievement of the conference was that Ms. Asma ul Hosna, Training Coordinator was awarded for her best oral presentation on “Women participation in survival swimming teaching-experiences from SwimSafe program in Bangladesh”.


A decade ago in 2005, CIPRB started research and implementing programs to prevent drowning in Bangladesh. The world recognized CIPRB’s contribution for its excellence in drowning prevention research and programs during the conference which encouraged doing more work in the related fields. It’s a journey of CIPRB with a dream to eliminate child death due to drowning.

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