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Chief, Health Section, UNICEF observed a Verbal Autopsy in Sreemongal


On 21st October, 2014 Dr. Lianne Kuppens, Chief of Health Section, UNICEF observed a Verbal autopsy of a Maternal Death in Hussnabad Tea Garden catchment area of Ashidron Union, Sreemongal.

During the autopsy conducted by the Health Inspector, the deceased family mentioned that the deceased mother had spontaneous delivery at home and developed retained placenta. After that, they called the untrained birth attendant (TBA) and she delivered the placenta by tearing it part by part. The mother developed severe P/V bleeding. Seeing this condition, they tried to take the mother to hospital but as they had no delivery planning they couldn’t arrange the transport in time. She breathed her last immediately after taking her to the CNG Auto rickshaw, in front of her home.

Dr. Kuppens expressed her deepest condolence for the deceased family for the unexpected death and mentioned that UNICEF will focus to take initiatives to prevent such deaths in future. Dr Riad Mahmud, Health Specialist of UNICEF and other delegates from UNICEF, government and CIPRB officials were present during the verbal autopsy.


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